Eco-Fire (Eco-Friendly Fuel)

For solid fuel burning fires and central heating systems. Eco Fire briquettes can be delivered to your door in handy 12. Kilo waterproof packs by the ton for easy out door storage.

The briquettes are made from clean woodwork shop sawdust and chippings compressed into hand size pellets that are easily managed and provide a convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly solid fuel.

Camden Boxframe Co ltd, the wood work shop located in central London, offer this sustainable service to supply the briquettes because of their commitment to manufacture wood based products that compliment the environment.

Using a high-pressure process the sawdust is compressed into pellets negating any requirement for additives. The compressed pellets bind together by virtue of inherent glutens.

Once burnt, they leave an average of 0.3% of biodegradable ash residue. The ash is considered CO2 neutral, which can be used as a fertilizing agent for the garden.

Eco Fire briquettes are environmentally friendly, efficient and clean. They are a viable alternative to non-sustainable fossil fuels. The briquettes are manufactured using reclaimed sawdust from machined timber grown in renewable professionally managed forests and delivered to your door.

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