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Window Calculator

Get an estimate on a sash window in just a few seconds. Enter your requirements below.


Enter the internal dimensions of your window frame, in millimetres. For example, for a window that's one metre wide by two metres tall, enter a width of 1000 and a height of 2000. Minimum dimensions: 200mm (20cm) width x 400mm (40cm) height.


Choose the level of glazing you require.


Sash windows come in various pane configurations. Choose one from the list below.


Do you want your window to be transparent (clear), or translucent (obscure)?


Do you require safety glass that has been toughened by tempering? Choose one option.


Choose what level of finish you require. Full factory finish includes primer and multiple coats of paint, with colour to your specifications.


Choose which type of ironmongery you require for window locks and latches.


Which zone would you like your window delivered to? If you need delivery outside London, select outside Zone 6.


Choose which type of fitting you require. Basic fit is for buildings under construction. For all other cases, choose full fit.